In cooperation with the Amsterdam Language Café (sponsored by Koentact) we organized a real and the first Racani Treasure Hunt. A treasure (scavenger) hunt through the city center of Amsterdam. During this hunt the attendees discovered 7 new and for them still hidden places in Amsterdam. Places you wouldn’t find during a normal guided tour in the city. They had the chance to meet new people during the event that had a duration of approximately 3 hours.

At every location the different groups had to do an assignment that gained points for the group. At the end all groups came together at Café De Jaren. The best group won the award with Dutch delights.

Every attendee bought a ticket for 10 euros. With the money we organized a trip for the ALC-kids from Amsterdam Nieuw-West.

Where did the fundraised money go to?

With the event we supported the children of the Amsterdam Language Café (Koentact). Children from families out of the first generation of guest workers in the Netherlands. From Amsterdam Nieuw-West (new-west). These children don’t speak Dutch or English at home. So, they have some disadvantages in school. With the support of ALC they will get additional lessons to increase their perspective on integration into Dutch society. With the money of the Treasure Hunt we took them away for one day, to get them out of their normal environment. To let them discover new places as well, just like the people did during the hunt.

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